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WATCH: The GOP is Taking Healthcare Away from These 150,000 Seniors. This is Evil.

Heartlessness is the GOP’s forte, and they’ve just proven this once again by blocking 150,000 VULNERABLE seniors from receiving healthcare in Kansas. Will Republicans ever stop devastating the lives of decent, everyday Americans?

The GOP’s latest political disgrace comes to us courtesy of Kansas. The state’s governor, Republican crony Sam Brownback, just OUTRAGEOUSLY vetoed KanCare, a Medicaid expansion program that would have brought healthcare coverage to 150,000 non-insured state senior residents.

Nevermind that the KanCare bill had already successfully passed through both Kansas’s House of Representatives AND its Senate. Gov. Brownback had a golden opportunity to help the citizens of his state, but instead, he vetoed KanCare in a devastating blow to THOUSANDS of American families.

Why in the world are Republicans so dead set on denying working class Americans healthcare? Why are they so ADAMANT on rescinding the American Dream, not extending it?

As compassionate Progressives, you’ll DESPISE Brownback’s idiotic “reasons” for vetoing KanCare. According to Brownback’s backward logic, the citizens of Kansas should have to WORK for healthcare benefits, and Planned Parenthood shouldn’t receive any financial help.

“I am vetoing this expansion of ObamaCare because it fails to serve the truly vulnerable before the able-bodied, lacks work requirements to help able-bodied Kansans escape poverty, and burdens the state budget with unrestrainable entitlement costs,” Brownback said. “Most grievously, this legislation funnels more taxpayer dollars to Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry.”

“From its infancy, the state of Kansas has affirmed the dignity and equality of each human life,” Brownback continued. “I will not support this legislation that continues to fund organizations that undermine a culture of life.”

Yep, you read that right. Brownback vetoed KanCare because apparently bringing healthcare to 150,000 non-insured citizens “doesn’t serve the truly vulnerable before the able-bodied.” The gall of these Republicans is absolutely ASTOUNDING.

This should be a lesson for the American people in Republican Rhetoric 101. The leaders in the GOP say they’re doing one thing (protecting the vulnerable), while hypocritically doing the exact OPPOSITE (vetoing KanCare which ABANDONS the vulnerable).

Brownback can trump up fake reasons for dooming KanCare all he wants, but we in the Resistance see right through his empty talk. No one’s going to screw over the American people and get away with it on our watch.

With goons like this in power, it’s doubtable if we’ll ever have a single-payer Medicare-for-all system the likes of which Bernie Sanders has long been calling for. American needs to move forward into the 21st century, not backward into the past.

Let’s make sure EVERYONE knows about Brownback’s betrayal of the people. That’s the best way to hold these Republicans accountable.

The time has come for politicians to legislate FOR the American people. Not against them.

There’s only one way forward from here, and that’s getting rid of Team Trump and their disastrous policies once and for all. We have to begin restoring integrity to America after all the insane damage the GOP has done to our national standing. So look out 2018 midterms, because here we come.

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