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WATCH: CNN Pundit Hilariously Turns Trump’s ‘Drain The Swamp’ Slogan Against Him

Donald Trump will probably want to dump his new favorite slogan now.

The Republican nominee has for talking for weeks about how he should be elected so he can “drain the swamp” in reference to the lawmakers and federal employees who work in Washington D.C., which was a swamp prior to being drained and used as the site of our nation’s capital.

The phrase has become the centerpiece of Trump’s effort to persuade voters to support him on Election Day.

But Trump’s slogan alienates members of his own party since Republicans control the Senate and the House. And Trump’s own running mate Mike Pence was a congressman for 12 years, which doubles the number of years Trump says he wants to limit members of Congress to serving.

Yep, Donald Trump is literally turning the old conservative line that government needs to be cleaned out against them.

And Tharon Johnson couldn’t help but point that out during an appearance on CNN on Sunday along with Trump supporter Paris Dennard..

“A running mate who spent 12 years in the Congress, was one of the most divisive members of Congress,” Johnson began before referencing Trump’s Gettysburg speech.

“This guy was the sole person who led a crusade to try to defund Planned Parenthood. As my friend Paris said, before Donald Trump attempted to make a presidential statesman-like policy speech, he spent the first fifteen minutes attacking his accusers. So when he makes comments about how we should enforce term limits, term limits are left up to the voters. That’s why most members of the House and Senate have elections two and six years. If someone is not effective then members will vote them out.”

And then Johnson took Trump’s favorite new slogan and crushed it.

“Let me respond to this really comical comment about draining the swamp. It’s so laughable to me. If you drain that swamp what you would find at the bottom of that swamp would be Donald Trump. You would see to the side of him his playbook of his campaign showing you how not to run a campaign to become president of the United States.”

Here’s the video via YouTube.

Sorry, Donald. But you just got owned.

SOURCE : addictinginfo.org

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