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Trump Just Called For Paul Ryan To Step Down In The Most Cowardly Way

President Donald Trump, not known for being an honest or courageous man, has managed to stoop beneath his own pathetic standards to try to save face after his disastrous Trumpcare bill was pulled from the House of Representatives.

The bill, officially known as the American Health Care Act, was pulled just before a vote that Trump was demanding on Friday, even though it broke his key campaign promises about healthcare; Trumpcare would have provided less coverage for more money.

The bill was introduced by Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), a man who Trump is trying to blame for his own ineptitude as president. (Trump was trying to force the House to vote on a bill before it had been adequately debated and amended, even when Ryan insisted that it wouldn’t get the votes to pass.)

So Trump, unwilling to face his own failings, took to Twitter with a backhanded tweet:

(Note that this features Trump’s two favorite things: Twitter and cable television.)

And what was Jeanine Pirro discussing last night? She was blaming Paul Ryan for Trump’s utter failure to deliver on one of his most important campaign promises.

Ryan is responsible for introducing an atrocious piece of legislation that would strip 24 million people of their health insurance in just ten years, send premiums for seniors skyrocketing, and cut financial support for the poor while giving more money to the rich.

However, Trump wholeheartedly endorsed the bill. When Americans on all sides of the political spectrum denounced the legislation, Trump ignored them and tried to force the House to hold a vote. Trump gave an ultimatum, saying that it was either Trumpcare or Obamacare.

Trump outrageously promised better coverage for a lower cost (he might as well have proposed giving a unicorn to every “inner city youth”). He has no clue what he is doing, which is why he latched on to the first piece of healthcare legislation that he saw.

Trump tried to manipulate Congress into passing a bill that no one wanted. Trump’s failure is his own fault. Trying to scapegoat Ryan is desperate attempt to save face in front of the American public. It isn’t working.

Source: occupydemocrats.com

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