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Retirees group endorses Clinton

The Alliance for Retired Americans announced Thursday that it is endorsing Hillary Clinton for president, citing her proposals to expand Social Security, strengthen Medicare and lower prescription drug prices.

The executive board of the 4 million-member group, which advocates for retirees and their families, voted to endorse Clinton on Wednesday.

“Hillary Clinton has been a champion for retirees throughout her distinguished career. Her life’s work exemplifies the Alliance’s mission to enhance the quality of life for all Americans,” Alliance President Robert Roach Jr. said in a news release. “She has pledged to strengthen and expand Social Security, and she will oppose efforts to cut, privatize or shift Medicare costs to retirees.”

“We are confident she will work to rein in the uncontrolled prices of prescription drugs which are far outpacing the rate of inflation and forcing too many retirees to choose between food and medicine,” Roach added.

Clinton has called for increasing Social Security benefits for widows and those who took time out of the workforce to care for sick family members. She has put forth a plan to decrease prescription drug costs that includes allowing Medicare to negotiate drug prices.

Roach said that Clinton will help to keep retirees’ pensions intact stop the Trans-Pacific Partnership before it solidifies patent protections that would make it harder for the government to cut prescription prices in Medicare.

“No one has ever been more ready to provide seniors with what they need on Day One,” Roach said.

Other groups that have endorsed Clinton include the AFL-CIO and the National Education Association.

source: The Hill, by Naomi Jagoda, June 30, 2016

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