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Poll: Overwhelming majority think Trump, Clinton will be nominees

trump clinton

An overwhelming majority believes that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will be their respective parties’ presidential nominees, a new national poll released Monday finds. The CNN/ORC poll found that 84 percent of voters think Trump will win the GOP nomination and 85 percent believe that Clinton will clinch the Democratic …

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Bernie’s Bad End


THE CONSCIENCE OF A LIBERAL By Paul Krugman, May 2, 2016 This is really depressing: Sanders claiming that there will be a contested convention, and suggesting that the nomination fight was rigged. Can someone tell Bernie that he’s in the process of blowing his own chance for a positive legacy? …

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White House 2016: Clinton gears up for Trump in fall race

HRC backed by 42

WASHINGTON (AP) — Waves of campaign staffers are being dispatched to battleground states. Advisers are starting to consider locations for a splashy convention rally in Philadelphia. An army of lawyers is scrutinizing more than two dozen possible vice presidential picks. Though she has yet to clinch the Democratic nomination, Hillary …

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Clinton shifting staff to general election swing states

HRC speaking

Hillary Clinton’s campaign is redeploying its army of primary election staff to traditional general election battleground states in preparation for a campaign against Republican Donald Trump, according to a senior campaign official. The initial deployment is likely to hit states that have swung between Republicans and Democrats in recent cycles, …

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Bernie Sanders, Shifting Tone, Takes On Democratic Party

Sanders shift tone

Senator Bernie Sanders spent Thursday afternoon laying out in more detail than usual his views for shaping the Democratic Party’s agenda and the need for elected officials to focus on achieving progressive political goals. The change in his campaign tone — focusing less on attacking Hillary Clinton — comes as …

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Clinton: I won’t make promises I can’t keep


Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton is emphasizing the pragmatism of her platform, vowing never to make a promise on the campaign trail that she cannot back up in the White House. “I want you to understand, I will not promise you something I cannot deliver,” Clinton said Friday at a …

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Poll: GOP disapproval highest since 1992

Not Republican

“More than 60 percent of the American public has an unfavorable opinion of the Republican Party, an increase from last fall and the highest that the party’s negative rating has been since 1992. “Sixty-two percent of Americans have an unfavorable impression of the GOP compared to 33 percent who view …

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Young Voters Overwhelmingly Prefer Clinton Over Trump — Poll

HRC fighting for us

Young voters favor Hillary Clinton for president over Donald Trump by a landslide margin, a new poll of 18- to 29-year-olds finds, and their interest in any Republican for president has dropped significantly over the last year of campaigning. The new youth poll by Harvard’s Institute of Politics found that …

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