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Some Democrats press Bernie Sanders to leave race

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WASHINGTON — Pressure is mounting on Bernie Sanders to end his campaign for president, with Democratic Party leaders raising alarms that his continued presence in the race is undermining efforts to beat presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump this fall. The new concerns come after Sanders’ recent wins over front-runner Hillary …

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Hillary Clinton wants to shake up the Fed

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Hillary Clinton wants the Federal Reserve to look a lot different. The Democratic candidate’s campaign said Thursday that it supports a plan presented by Democratic lawmakers calling for more diversity at the Federal Reserve and removing bankers from the boards of regional branches. A statement from Clinton campaign spokesperson Jesse …

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Trump won’t release tax returns before election

Trump tax returns

Donald Trump says he does not plan to release his tax returns before the November election, according to the Associated Press. “There’s nothing to learn from them,” the presumptive GOP presidential nominee told the AP on Tuesday, adding that he’s facing an ongoing audit and that he doesn’t think voters …

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Clinton proposes expanding Medicare to more people

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Hillary Clinton is stepping to the left on healthcare, expressing support for allowing people younger than 65 to buy into Medicare. “I’m also in favor of what’s called the public option, so that people can buy into Medicare at a certain age,” Clinton said at a campaign event in Virginia …

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Study: Sanders’ economic plan piles $18T on federal debt

Bernie add to debt

WASHINGTON — Sen. Bernie Sanders’ tax and spending proposals would provide new levels of health and education benefits for American families, but they’d also blow an $18-trillion hole in federal deficits, piling on so much debt they would damage the economy. That sobering assessment comes from a joint analysis released …

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Donald Trump tries to clean up economic comments

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a rally, Thursday, April 21, 2016, at the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex and Expo Center in Harrisburg, Pa. (AP Photo/Julio Cortez)

(CNN) ~ Donald Trump, one of America’s best-known businessmen, spent Monday trying to clean up his comments about the economy. Trump was under fire for comments on U.S. fiscal policy that were not only out of step with his party — but in some cases were a reversal of his …

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