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BREAKING: Top Federal Officials EXPOSE Massive Trump Crime. IMPEACH.


Newly discovered transactions could link the Trump campaign to the Russian government. According to the Associated Press, the Treasury Department is investigating foreign money transactions involving Paul Manafort WHILE working for Trump. The Treasury Department has been investigating the millions Manafort made by working for a Russian billionaire tied to …

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BREAKING: New Evidence on YEMEN Raid! Trump In Trouble!


A new investigation into the special forces raid targeting Al-Qaeda militants in Yemen has found the the operation went “dreadfully wrong,” killing nine children under the age of 13, with the youngest victim a three-month-old baby. In the first military operation authorized under President Trump, U.S. commandos launched a raid …

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MAJOR Trump Donor Says Rape is Just ‘Regret’


Very few people with significant money or power in this country are voting for Donald Trump. Even the Koch brothers are publicly backing off supporting the toxic, self-described billionaire. One Silicon Valley billionaire is happy to be on the Trump train, even after the allegations of sexual assault surfaced. Perhaps …

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Kuwait Catches Trump In MAJOR Lie But He Refuses To Back Down


Since Donald Trump enacted the travel ban from seven majority Muslim countries last week, he’s spent most of his time on the defensive. That position got worse after Trump posted a fake news story on his Facebook timeline that was quickly debunked by the country of Kuwait, but not before …

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Trump To Reverse Obama’s Arctic, Atlantic Drilling Ban?


On Tuesday, President Barack Obama announced that he was earmarking huge swaths of U.S. waters in the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans as “indefinitely” off-limits to offshore oil and gas leasing and drilling. Although the decision was hailed as a historic one by climate activists, representatives of the energy industry slammed …

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