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Kaine to campaign with Clinton amid VP buzz

Hillary Clinton will campaign with Sen. Tim Kaine next week, a move that will only continue to stoke the rumors surrounding the presumptive Democratic nominee’s vice presidential search.

Clinton’s campaign announced in a brief statement Thursday that her campaign will attend a public Democratic Party of Virginia event, where she will speak with Kaine.

The Virginia Democrat is viewed as one of Clinton’s top vice presidential targets. The moderate senator could help deliver Clinton his purple home state, his centrist foreign policy stances could reach out to independents or moderate Republicans spurned by Donald Trump, and his temperament would give Clinton a loyal sidekick who doesn’t overshadow her.

But his critics have pegged him as not progressive enough to expand the ticket’s appeal, and he’s to the right of the party’s base on abortion.

Kaine will be the second potential vice presidential pick receiving a tryout with the Clinton campaign. Kaine’s Senate colleague, Elizabeth Warren (Mass.), last week hit the trail with Clinton, where she spent a large portion of her time bashing Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee.

Clinton is reportedly vetting both Warren and Kaine as potential running mates.

source: The Hill, The Ballot Box, by Ben Kamisar, July 7, 2016

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