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Hillary Clinton won the nomination while spending little and building a November war chest

By dailynewsbin | May 2, 2016

It’s been exasperating for some of her supporters who have wanted her to win every primary state, but Hillary Clinton has shown time and again that she wasn’t willing to spend big money simply to pull off a narrow symbolic victory whenever she knew it wouldn’t meaningfully impact the math involved. In contrast her opponent Bernie Sanders has spent his money as quickly as it came in, even in states where he knew he would likely lose anyway, simply for the sake of appearances. The result: Clinton has not only secured the democratic nomination, she’s built up a war chest for November in the process.

Clinton now has $30 million dollars in the bank as of May 1st. This comes even after she racked up blowout wins in expensive states like New York and Pennsylvania. She’s built the war chest along the way because she’s not been willing to spend gratuitously. For instance Sanders outspent her by a more than two to one margin in order to secure a win in Wisconsin earlier in the month, but he only ended up getting ten more delegates out of the state than she did, at a time when she was already ahead by hundreds of delegates. Simply by subsequently winning New York and Pennsylvania as expected, she wiped out the Wisconsin deficit five-fold.

Along the way, Hillary Clinton has also raised millions of dollars for downticket democratic candidates in House and Senate races. This is key for her because she’s looking to enter the White House with a democratic-majority Congress if possible, which would allow her to hit the ground running with her legislative agenda while avoiding the republican obstructionism that President Obama has faced.

But still, not all of her supporters are happy with Hillary Clinton’s tight spending. A minority of her fans have expressed disappointment that she’s spending no money on ad buys in the upcoming primary state of Indiana. While they emotionally want her to blow big money to “finish off” Sanders, the reality is that she’s already defeated him. Now she moves on to the general election with $30 million in the bank and counting.

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