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Hillary Clinton Stops Bernie Sanders’ Winning Streak With Victory In Guam Caucus


Hillary Clinton has added a few more delegates to her total and stopped Sen. Bernie Sanders winning streak at one after beating Sanders 60%-40% in the Guam Democratic caucus.

According to Guam Democratic Party chairman Joaquin Perez, Clinton won 60 percent to Sanders’ 40 percent. The two campaigns were competing in Guam. Clinton and Sanders both spent tens of thousands of dollars in advertising on the island. Chelsea Clinton penned an op-ed, and Sen. Sanders promised that if elected president, he would give Guam its own news outlet.

Guam matters from the perspective of momentum. Sen. Sanders is staying the Democratic primary race and trying to use electability and momentum as his arguments for flipping superdelegates. Former Sec. of State Clinton has pivoted towards the general election, but the campaign is still working hard and conceding nothing to Sanders in the remaining primary states.

Clinton learned from losing to President Obama in 2008 that the successful Democratic nominee can leave no stone unturned in the search for delegates. The Clinton campaign may be saving their ammo by not running television ads, but they are making sure that they come out of all of the remaining contests with more than enough delegates to clinch the nomination.

Bernie Sanders needed to win all of the remaining contests to have a reasonable argument to make about momentum. The loss in Guam makes it more difficult for the Sanders campaign to argue that Democrats should make him their nominee.

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