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Hillary Clinton Previews Race Against Donald Trump


What would a Clinton vs. Trump match-up look like? Hillary Clinton has some thoughts. And it doesn’t look … nice.

“If I am the nominee,” the Democratic presidential candidate said today at a campaign event near Philadelphia after talking about the rise of cyberbullying, “We could very well have a campaign that is exactly all about that. Insults, derogatory comments.”

Clinton, however, said she won’t reciprocate. “I’m not going to respond to what he said about me,” she said, recalling her appearance on “Good Morning America” yesterday when she was asked to respond to a recent Donald Trump attack. “I said, you know what, I don’t want to respond to that.”

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Clinton, a repeated target of Trump’s, has most recently been dubbed “Crooked Hillary” by the Republican front-runner, who has vowed to continue using the term throughout the campaign and has said he’s only getting started with his attacks against the Clintons.

She said these kinds of comments — and more broadly, what Trump has said about Muslims, women and immigrants — are unacceptable, and blamed the rise of the Internet for their amplification.

“Human nature has not changed but the megaphone that are now used to trumpet these kinds of attitudes has just magnified this issue,” Clinton said while discussing online bullying during a roundtable on equal pay at the Curds ’n Whey deli in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania. “You know, they would never say it to somebody’s face, the most vile, harassing, incredibly mean-spirited things that are said about people.

“You can disagree with somebody, that is fair game. But to launch personal attacks, to try to intimidate and degrade somebody else is off limits,” she continued.

Source: http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/hillary-clinton-previews-race-donald-trump/story?id=38607591

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