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Coke Just Stuck It To Trump’s Bigotry With The Most BRILLIANT Super Bowl Ad EVER (VIDEO)

The whole nation is ashamed of the open and overt exclusion and bigotry shown by Donald Trump, his administration, and his supporters. This sentiment was ratcheted up a thousand fold when Trump signed a hateful immigration order — the promised Muslim ban thinly cloaked in false claims about national security concerns — that threw the nation and world into chaos, tore families apart, and put many lives at risk.

Well, the Super Bowl is perhaps the most watched program of the year, and it is the perfect time to show people what one thinks, via those famous commercials. Coke decided to do just that, and it was nothing short of brilliant.

The popular soft drink company aired an ad at the beginning of Sunday’s game where “America the Beautiful” was being sang in different languages, showing the beautiful diversity of America in the many faces of our country. Every race, color, creed, national origin, religion – everything you could think of – is represented in this amazing commercial.

Donald Trump might want to white wash America, with the help of the likes of white supremacists like Steve Bannon, but he cannot kill our inclusive spirit.

Well done, Coke! I’ll definitely be supporting you in your efforts to be real American patriots.

Watch the commercial below:


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