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Clinton campaign: Brexit drama builds case against Trump

Hillary Clinton’s campaign is seizing on the turmoil emanating from Europe to make their case that Donald Trump would be a disaster as president.

With the European Union reeling following the stunning vote to leave the governing union, top Clinton aides said Trump’s comments while in Europe should give voters in the U.S. pause.

“Donald Trump actively rooted for this outcome, and he’s rooting for the economic turmoil in its wake,” said Jake Sullivan, the campaign’s senior policy adviser. “Every time there’s a significant global event, Donald Trump proves again that he’s temperamentally unfit for the job.”

At the same time, Clinton’s camp was quick to push back against notions that the results in Britain should serve as any predictor for what awaits the U.S. when its own voters head to the polls in November.

Some analysts had noted that many of the same motivations behind the campaign to leave the EU are at work in Trump’s campaign, including populist anger and frustration with politicians in power. The thinking goes that if those motivations won out in Britain, the same could happen in America.

But Sullivan described the Brexit vote as “profoundly different from a vote for who should be commander in chief.”

“It’s important that we recognize that this American election is about what is happening here in America, not what’s happening in Yorkshire or in Cardiff,” he added.

Sullivan argued that Trump’s response to the global political shakeup proved he “doesn’t have a clue.”

While in Scotland to reopen a golf course Friday, Trump praised British voters for narrowly deciding to leave the EU.

“They took back control of their country. It’s a great thing,” he told reporters.

When asked about the impact of the sharp fall in the value of the British pound, Trump argued it would be a boon for his business there.

“Look, if the pound goes down, they’re going to do more business. When the pound goes down, more people are coming to Turnberry,” he said, referring to his Scotland golf course.

Meanwhile, investors worldwide are reeling from the result, which was not anticipated by financial markets. The Dow Jones Industrial Average was down over 500 points in midday trading, making it one of the worst trading days of the year. Before Thursday’s vote, Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen warned Congress a British exit could come with “significant economic repercussions.”

“He actually put his golf business ahead of the interests of working families in the United States,” said Sullivan.

In a separate statement released earlier in the day, Clinton said she respected the choice made by British voters but that the accompanying uncertainty underlined the need for “calm, steady, experienced leadership in the White House.”

source: The Hill, By Peter Schroeder – 06/24/16

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