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Fox News Sandra Smith: “Everybody Could See From The United Airlines Passenger’s Behavior That He Was Not A Genuine American”


Fox News host Sandra Smith on Wednesday linked a customer who was dragged off a United Airlines flight to government “overregulation” of the airline industry. During a Fox News discussion about the recent United Airlines public relations debacle, Smith noted that lawmakers were calling for an investigation and that the …

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McConnell: “It’s Absurd To Ask Why We Didn’t Put Obama’s SCOTUS Nominates To The Vote When He Only Promotes Non-God-Fearing Candidates”


During an interview on “Meet the Press” on Sunday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) claimed that it was the American people who made Senate Republicans refuse to give President Barack Obama’s Supreme Court pick, Judge Merrick Garland, a hearing. “The tradition had been not to confirm vacancies in the …

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America’s Seniors Can Count on Hillary Clinton

MANHATTAN, NY - Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton meets resident Allie Eason, right, and tours apartments for Latino seniors at Corsi House in the Spanish Harlem neighborhood in Manhattan, New York on Friday April 15, 2016. And accompanied by Speaker of the New York City Council Melissa Viverito, left. (Photo by Melina Mara/The Washington Post via Getty Images)

In May, we celebrate Older Americans Month and the fundamental commitment our country makes to its seniors. In November, we will determine whether we honor that commitment. Every day, thousands of American seniors reach retirement age after a lifetime of working hard to support their families. Because of Social Security …

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