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BREAKING: Video Released Exposing “Voting Machine” Fraud. Is Trump Illegitimate?

A new video featuring former CIA Director James Woolsey exposed possible hacking of 25 percent of voting machines in the 2016 election. Donald Trump is not a legitimate president, and the courts must nullify the election.

During an interview on CNN, Woolsey revealed that hackers could compromise one-quarter of the voting machines in this country. And they could get away with it since the machines do not leave a paper trail. Woolsey stated the following:

“. . . when we go to an election where 25 percent of our voting machines don’t leave a paper trail. And most of those can be hacked. Certainly, the ones . . . that have a paper trail helps with a recount.

But for 25 percent of our voting machines, Russia may be controlling things with its hacking—a lot more than any American would want. That’s the problem involving Russia.”

Wow, 25 percent of our voting machines are susceptible to hacking by anyone, including Russians, neo-Nazi groups, domestic terrorists, or white supremacists who favor one candidate over another. Considering Trump’s popularity with all these groups, there is a real possibility that hackers got into of one-quarter of the machines in the country during the 2016 presidential election.

If hackers did get to these machines, then Donald Trump is not the legitimate President of the United States. After all, Clinton lost the electoral college by MUCH less than 25 percent.

It’s not much of a stretch to believe that Trump would interfere in this way. If their hackers can get inside DNC emails, they have the motive and opportunity to hack the voting machines too.

The real problem with these voting machines is that they do not leave a paper trail. A recount would be impossible since there is no paper evidence of the votes cast.

What would state and federal officials do if hackers got into these machines? There would be no way to verify the election count, so the only alternative would be to invalidate the entire election and hold another expensive one.

Could this be the case in 2016? Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by almost three million votes, but she lost the Electoral College to Donald Trump, making him, unfortunately, our president.

She also lost swing states as Pennsylvania and Wisconsin by minuscule amounts. What if election officials ordered a recount in these states, or any other state in the country, and officials could not verify 25 percent of the total votes cast for president?

It is obvious that a new election for president would be necessary. This could also be why Donald Trump won the presidency.

While everyone concentrates on Russian hacking of Hillary Clinton and the DNC’s Emails, the media and other news outlets are silent on the possibility of the hacking of voting machines by anyone with the sophistication to do so. It could be Russia, China, North Korea, or any domestic group that wants to influence an election that does the hacking.

If hacking did occur, and Woolsey is correct that hackers could get into a few of these machines in heavily populated areas, then the election results could be different. Hillary Clinton could be the President of the United States, and we wouldn’t be living through the horror show that is the Trump presidency.

It is time for Congress to pass legislation that all voting machines in the country leave a paper trail so that recounts are possible. With the sophistication of computers, hackers find it easier and easier to get into any computers, including voting machines, and we must assure the integrity of our elections.

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Source: learnprogress.org

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