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BREAKING: Trump’s “Deportation Force” Just SHOT a Legal Resident

Donald Trump’s xenophobic immigration policies are already leading to TERROR. Trump’s deportation force just SHOT a legal U.S. resident during one of Trump’s immigration raids in Chicago — this is absolutely unacceptable.

Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) just carried out an immigration raid at a LEGAL resident’s house in Chicago’s Northwest side. The man was Felix Torres, a 53-year-old legal resident who’s lived in Chicago for more than 30 years.

Apparently, ICE was trying to nab Felix Torres’s son. What they didn’t realize is that the son, the father, and everyone else in the house live in America COMPLETELY legally.

Right now, there are conflicting reports on how Torres was shot. Torres’s lawyer maintains that the ICE agent burst into the house and simply opened fire on the man, while agents say that Torres pulled out a gun.

The latter seems like a clear lie since Torres’s daughter has confirmed that her father didn’t own a gun AT ALL. Trump’s immigration raids are OFFICIALLY out of control.

This is why Trump’s immigration policy is such a NIGHTMARE. It’s leading to innocent civilians being completely terrorized.

One innocent person being terrorized is one too many. Americans deserve a right to live their lives free from unwarranted interference, and as such Torres deserves the right not to be attacked by gun-wielding assailants in his own house for no reason.

Trump is a complete EXTREMIST when it comes to immigration. And now Americans are being shot in their own homes in the midst of Trump’s regime of terror.

The grand tragedy here is that Torres is currently in serious condition. If Torres dies, its Trump’s hands that will bear the blood.

Hillary Clinton wouldn’t have been sending federal agents into wrong houses and shooting innocent civilians. Trump is PROVING why he’s a tyrant, not a president.

Trump has GOT to go. More and more Americans will suffer, or worse yet be killed, so long as Trump has free reign to plunge the nation into tyranny.

Our thoughts are with Torres and his family in this devastatingly tragic hour. We in the Resistance stand with anyone who is suffering under Trump’s disastrous regime.

Please share this story on Facebook ASAP. America needs to know that Trump is our own worst enemy.

Source: learnprogress.org

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