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BREAKING: Trump to Send ENTIRE Family on Luxury TAXPAYER Vacation. Response?

Donald Trump’s entire family flew to Aspen, Colorado last weekend at taxpayer expense. Yes, Trump and his family continue to vacation on taxpayer money while cutting funding for the safety net, arts, the environment, and healthcare.

Well, Trump is playing golf at one of his resorts for the eighth time in 10 weeks while his family spends the weekend at terribly expensive Aspen, Colorado. All of this is at the expense of taxpayers.

Those going to Aspen include Donald Trump, Jr., Eric Trump, Ivanka Trump, and their entire families. The entire group will have Secret Service protection.

n fact, the Aspen Times reported that 100 Secret Service agents will accompany the family. Jet travel for the entire family and Secret Secret protection will add up to millions of dollars, and we will pay for it.

If it costs taxpayers $3 million for Donald Trump to travel to New York City or Mar-a-Lago for a weekend, imagine the cost for all of Trump’s spoiled brats to travel to Aspen with 100 Secret Service agents. This is robbery.

How nice it would be to brag about being a billionaire and having holdings all over the world but bill taxpayers for vacations. That takes a lot of nerve.

And Ivanka’s husband, Jared Kushner, as well as Ivanka, Donald, Jr., and Eric are all billionaires who could afford to finance their own vacations and security. After all, Donald Trump has his own security force.

And protection will all be by the Secret Service. Pitkin County Sheriff Joe DiSalvo said that the county would not work with the Secret Service.

DiSalvo stated that he knew nothing about the family’s itinerary since the Secret Service did not contact him. The sheriff also stated that the sheriff’s office would do nothing to aid the Secret Service with the family’s visit.

He also said, “Our responsibility is to the president and the first lady, not friends or family members.” Way to go, Sheriff DiSalvo.

When will the American people have enough of this abuse of position from Trump? Trump and Republicans repeatedly criticized former President Obama for taking vacations while there was business to conduct in Washington. But now, the Republican Party is silent on this abuse of position.

Republicans said nothing while Trump took more vacations in ten weeks than Obama took in an entire year, all while Trump’s administration burns. There are investigations on Russian ties and false wiretapping claims while his healthcare plan and heartless budget are under fire by both parties.

All of this going on and Trump takes another vacation. He needs to practice what he preaches and keep his butt in Washington to do the job that a minority of Americans elected him to do.

The American people must demand that these endless vacations come to a halt. Trump and his family continue to drain the budget for vacations and pay for them by cutting funding for Meals on Wheels, National Public Radio, the environment, the arts, healthcare for seniors, and so many more programs that help poor Americans.

We need to put an end to these vacations at taxpayer expense. Trump brags about his money all the time, so let him pay for his family’s vacations and utilize his own security force to protect them.

Please call your members of Congress and ask them to propose legislation limiting the amount of money that a president can spend on leisurely travel for himself and his family.

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Source: http://www.learnprogress.org/trump-family-taxpayer-vacation/

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