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Donald Trump is currently facing legal pressure from multiple angles and he’s scared. Now, the corrupt president is apparently DESTROYING evidence in order to hide his crimes.

Journalist Andrea Mitchell broke this story, and it’s NOT looking pretty for Trump.

It’s no secret at this point that Team Trump is under investigation for possible collusion with Russia. To add to his headaches, Trump is also facing numerous lawsuits aimed at countering his illegal breaches of the Constitution’s Emoluments Clause.

So to say that Trump has a lot of tracks to cover is a supreme UNDERSTATEMENT. Now, according to Mitchell, Trump is doing his best to have these tracks covered ASAP.

As a well-connected and well-respected journalist, Mitchell has connections all throughout Capitol Hill. She’s recently heard from one anonymous source within the Trump administration that Trump staffers are “purging” their phones in order to hide any evidence that might incriminate Trump.

Mitchell just interviewed New York Republican Dan Donovan on her NBC program, and she asked the congressman about Team Trump’s deletions of records. This is definitely a bad look for Trump, no matter how you portray it.

“I’ve learned from a single source…I’m told that there are a lot of former transition team members in and outside of the White House now purging their private phones, afraid that they are gonna get subpoenaed by these various investigators,” Mitchell said, setting up her question. “What is their legal risk for purging their phones of any transition comments?”

“I’m not sure,” Donovan replied. “I’m not privy.”

Mitchell didn’t back down, though. She continued pressing Donovan by asking “What if you’ve gotten a letter from the White House council or someone else telling you to preserve?”

Donovan struggled to answer. “There might be legal ramifications,” he eventually said.

If Mitchell’s source is correct, then there are SERIOUS ongoing crimes being committed in the White House. This is what a cover up looks like folks, and it’s going at this very moment right under our noses.

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow saw Mitchell’s interview with Donovan and decided to jump into the fray. Maddow warned any White House staffers that might be watching her show that they are jeopardizing their futures by covering up Trump’s crimes.

“If they’ve been told to preserve and they’re purging this stuff, all of them who are doing that, all of you who are doing that,” Maddow started. “If you are watching me, you are potentially in legal jeopardy for doing that.”

We’ve already heard in recent days how staffers in the White House were using apps like Confide to immediately delete text messages after sending them. This is an EGREGIOUS violation of Presidential Records Act and it shows that Team Trump is actively hiding wrongdoings.

Just like with Watergate, the truth will come out on ALL of Trump’s abuses and the American people will have justice. And it’s time to speed that process up by raising awareness EVERY chance we can get.

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SOURCE: learnprogress.org

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