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BREAKING: Top Federal Officials EXPOSE Massive Trump Crime. IMPEACH.

Newly discovered transactions could link the Trump campaign to the Russian government. According to the Associated Press, the Treasury Department is investigating foreign money transactions involving Paul Manafort WHILE working for Trump.

The Treasury Department has been investigating the millions Manafort made by working for a Russian billionaire tied to Putin. That investigation led them to the island of Cyprus.

Cyprus was once a money-laundering haven for Russian billionaires. The country’s had to clean up its act some since joining the European Union, but rumors of money laundering still persist.

Manafort made several financial transactions in Cyprus. It turns out that millions were wired to him through Cyprus banks.

The Treasury Department wants to learn more about these transactions as part of their investigation into Manafort. They want to know who these payments came from and what they were for.

So Treasury agents have worked with the Cyprus government to learn more about these transactions. It’s all part of their anti-corruption probe into Manafort’s activities in Eastern Europe.

Manafort said in a statement to the Associated Press that these transactions were just standard practice. He commented, “Like many companies doing business internationally, my company was paid via wire transfer, typically using clients’ preferred financial institutions and instructions.”

The AP found though that many of these transactions were from unknown entities. For instance, one of Manafort’s companies received a $1 million payment from a mysterious firm through the bank of Cyprus.

That money was split in half and removed from the account the same day. It isn’t clear where the money went after that.

There’s isn’t anything outright illegal about what Manafort was doing with these banks. But it’s odd that he did business with companies through Cyprus.

It’s also suspicious that Manafort worked with so many strange and unknown organizations. It certainly looks like he has something to hide.

This information comes after the AP revealed earlier in the week that Manafort worked with a Russian billionaire to help Putin. This billionaire is a known associate of Putin, which means that Manafort’s connections with Russia go back at least a decade.

Manafort worked with Putin to improve his image around the world. And Russia paid him millions for his work on Putin’s behalf.

The Trump administration is trying to play damage control when it comes to Manafort. Earlier in the week, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said that Manafort played just a minor role in the campaign.

This is an obvious lie, as Manafort was Trump’s campaign manager for months. He oversaw Trump’s pathetic presidential convention.

Now the White House says that they didn’t know about Manafort’s dealings with the Russians. The administration says it all happened too long ago for Trump to know anything about it.

They must worry that Manafort’s crimes will catch up to them. It looks more and more likely that Manafort worked directly with the Russians to help Trump win the election.

It’s clear from all these federal investigations that the Trump administration has a lot of ties to Russia. Please share this story on Facebook so that everyone can see the Trump’s administration’s treason.

Source: www.learnprogress.org

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