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BREAKING: Top Democrat CONFIRMS “Probable Cause” of Trump Treason. IMPEACH.

A top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee has officially seen “probable cause” evidence of Team Trump’s collusion with Russia. This is a DAMNING revelation that proves impeachment is all but certain for Donald Trump.

Rep. Mike Quigley is one of the key Democrats investigating Trump-Russia ties in the House. He’s already been privy to information that will soon shock the nation to its core.

Chairman Devin Nunes has officially recused himself from the House’s probe into Russiagate, paving the way for Quigley and other Democrats on the committee to get to the bottom of Team Trump’s treasonous Russia ties once and for all. Horrifyingly, Quigley has already seen enough probable cause to indicate criminality.

“[There’s] plenty of reason to go to a grand jury,” Quigley said. “I’ve seen probable cause there was collusion.”

“No one person is more important than any investigation,” Quigley continued. “This is the most important investigation Congress will have undertaken in my lifetime.”

Now we have official confirmation regarding why we all feel that something big, bad, and ugly is looming in Russiagate. Our top Democrats in Congress have already seen enough to know that something ROTTEN occurred between Team Trump and Putin in 2016.

Quigley’s not at liberty yet to explain precisely what kind of damning evidence he’s seen, but you can bet that the American people will have the truth, and we’ll have it soon. What Quigley can say, though, is that the House Intelligence Committee’s investigation is moving full steam ahead for now.

“We haven’t even begun listening to witness testimony and I look forward to Mr. [Carter] Page’s testimony,” Quigley said. “[Team Trump] say they’re willing to come forward and tell us everything we need to know and we are still literally reviewing the documents.”

There’s a lot of evidence already, and the investigation is just getting started. “We haven’t interviewed a single person yet,” Quigley said. “It is premature to say one thing or another, but there’s probable cause to believe that there was collusion.”

Furthermore, it looks like the White House is doing their best to delay the investigation in any way possible. “I am very, very tired of the three tactics from the White House on this: delay, disrupt and detract,” Quigley continued. “They clearly don’t like the way this investigation is going.”

If they had nothing to hide, surely Team Trump would cooperate. However, the White House is terrified of what this investigation will uncover – and they should be.

“The first open hearing was a nightmare for [Trump] where Director Comey announced there was an investigation,” Quigley said. “He said that there was no evidence that Trump Tower was wiretapped.”

The red herrings Trump has thrown out aren’t working.

“And [Comey] said that the Russians were absolutely trying to help influence to help President Trump and hurt Hillary Clinton,” Quigley concluded. “So things are clearly not going well for them. That’s too bad. I want the American public to learn exactly what took place.”

For now, we can breathe a sigh of relief since we have patriots like Quigley taking over the House’s Russiagate probe. Let’s just hope we get to the bottom of the truth sooner rather than later.

There’s no question that these are dark days, both for the American people and for all people on the international stage. And the most devastating factor of all is that Donald Trump seemingly betrayed his way into being the leader of the free world.

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Source: learnprogress.org

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