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BREAKING: President Obama Announces His Plan to Fight Trump. Do You Support?

The purpose of President Obama’s return to public life will be to elect more Democrats. Obama will spearhead a movement to fight gerrymandering and make elections fairer.

When Obama left office, his favorability ratings were high. His organization was still intact and ready to do battle for him. All he had to do was give the word.

But Obama’s public presence since he left the White House has been low-key. He issued a statement on Obamacare and announced his support of protests against Trump’s immigration ban.

The former president also formed Organizing for Action, a non-profit organization with over 300,000 members whose purpose is to oppose Trump’s policies. However, Obama’s presence with the group is limited for now.

We many see more of Obama in the future. According to the Washington Post, his return will be to join the fight on redistricting.

It is about time that Democrats attack gerrymandering with all the power they have. Who better to lead the charge than Obama?

It’s common knowledge that Republican legislatures all over the country drew districts to favor Republicans. Areas that voted Democratic were split among two or three districts to impede Democratic votes.

Gerrymandering also explains why Democrats received more votes in the 2016 election than Republicans but remained the minority party. Gerrymandering is undemocratic since it impedes the will of the majority.

For now, Former Attorney General Eric Holder is the leader of the redistricting movement. The Washington Post wrote the following:

“For now, Obama is delegating political work to associates — notably former attorney general Eric Holder, whom he has tapped to lead the redistricting project that aims to help Democrats redraw legislative maps that many see as tilted toward the GOP.”
But Holder confirmed Obama’s return to supporters by saying, “It’s coming. He’s coming. And he’s ready to roll.”

With Obama’s leadership, gerrymandering is in trouble. The courts already ruled against gerrymandering in a few states, and the Supreme Court wrote that racial gerrymandering is unconstitutional.

So the climate is favorable for more court battles. Holder has plans to take states to court to redraw Congressional districts.

Obama’s return to lead this battle will assure its success. So many Americans eagerly await his return.

Since leaving office, Obama and his family took some well-deserved vacations. They traveled to Hawaii and Richard Branson’s private island for some rest and relaxation.

The family also decided to remain in Washington, DC until their youngest daughter graduates from high school. It difficult to believe that Obama would stay out of the political scene while Trump and his henchmen attempt to disassemble his legacy.

Well, we can look forward to his return to establish one of his pet projects, voting rights. His and Holder’s attacks on states that gerrymander will establish the democratic principle of majority rule.

If you agree that Obama’s fight will restore the legitimacy of the voting process, please contribute to Organizing for Action and like their Facebook page. While you are doing that, share this article on your Facebook page to show your support of President Obama’s fight against gerrymandering.

Source: learnprogress.org

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