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BREAKING: Joe Biden Just Came Out of Retirement to DEFEAT Trump. Support?

Now, you can officially add Joe Biden’s name to the list of Trump’s troubles. The former Vice President is back from his brief retirement to save our healthcare and stop Trumpcare.
After yesterday’s hearings, the last thing Trump needs is another problem for him, but Biden is here to ruin Trump’s plans. This is GREAT news and a pivotal boost at a time when Trump is down and feeling the pressure from all sides.

Biden will team up with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats on Wednesday on the steps of Capitol Hill in an effort to rally against the GOP’s disastrous brand of “Trumpcare.” All hands on deck, as it goes.

The rally is billed as a celebration of the great SUCCESS that Obamacare has achieved, and it’s taking place on the eve of the 7th year anniversary of Obamacare’s passing. Thanks, Obama!

Beyond speeches from Biden and Pelosi, several everyday Americans will be speaking at the event regarding how they’ve tangibly benefited from Obamacare and

how, in some cases, their lives were LITERALLY saved by Obama’s signature healthcare law.

This will be the first of Biden’s major appearances since becoming a civilian again in January. As much as we’d like to still have him and Obama in the White House, it’s still great news that he’s rallying to our side now in the fight against Trumpcare.

Congressional Republicans have scheduled the actual vote for repealing Obamacare to take place on the day after Biden’s and Pelosi’s Wednesday rally. The big showdown is coming and the fates of millions of Americans are hanging in the balance.

The Trump administration and other GOP leaders have been feverishly trying to whip the votes in order to make sure Trumpcare passes on Thursday. Current estimates place Republicans as needing 216 votes to enact their outrageously damaging repeal of Obamacare.

There’s currently grumblings in the House that the bill won’t pass, and there’s also grumblings in the Senate that the House Bill won’t be able to pass in the Senate either. There IS reason for optimism, and now we just have to wait and hope the votes line up against Team Trump.

Pelosi is amped and ready to help Biden lead a productive really. She’s been one of the most vocal critics of Trumpcare, and her attacks against the bill have only been intensifying.

“What Republicans have put forth is a terrible bill,” Pelosi said recently. “24 million people kicked off of health insurance which the speaker calls ‘an act of mercy.’”

“At the same time, they put out a budget that OMB Director Mick Mulvaney says is ‘compassionate’ to take away Meals on Wheels and give it to the Defense Department,” Pelosi said. “Compassionate acts of mercy, I don’t know what faith that is.”

We don’t know, either, Leader Pelosi. But what we do know is that we FULLY support you and Vice President Biden as you rally to the defense of Obamacare.

Thus far Trump has blundered his way through abuse after abuse of the American people. But we won’t rest until Trump has answered for every one of his abandonments, lies, corruptions, and betrayals.

The nation needs to stay informed as to what’s REALLY happening under the Trump regime. Let’s work together – help spread awareness by sharing this story on Facebook ASAP.


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