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BREAKING: Donald Trump Ordered Strike That Killed 230+ Civilians. Details Are Horrifying.

Donald Trump is unfit to be president in more ways than one, but this latest example is devastating. Trump just ordered an airstrike that killed 237 innocent civilians in Iraq.

We all knew that Donald Trump serving as commander-in-chief of the United States military forces would be a disaster. He received five deferments and proudly states that he served his country during the Vietnam conflict by “sleeping around.”

And now, Trump’s actions in Iraq prove us all correct. More than once, an air strike led by US coalition forces killed innocent civilians in Iraq and Syria.

The first strike occurred in al-Jadida, near Mosul, where 137 people died when a bomb hit a single building. Most of the casualties were civilians who went to the building for shelter.

Another one hundred civilians died from the destruction of a building nearby. According to Hevidar Ahmed, who was at the scene, “[s]ome of the dead were taking shelter inside the homes.”

A spokesperson for Central Command stated that they knew of the civilian casualties and would pass it on to the civilian casualty command for review. Central Command also released this statement:

“[The US-led coalition] takes all reports of civilian casualties very seriously and assesses all incidents as thoroughly as possible. Coalition forces work diligently to be precise in our air strikes and ensure that all strikes comply with the [internationally agreed] Law of Armed Conflict,” Captain Timothy Irish said.

The Central Command also reported that the five strikes near Mosul “destroyed five Isis units and a sniper team, as well as 11 fighting positions, vehicles and artillery equipment.” United States air forces had to carry out the strike since no other country has the capabilities to launch such a strike.

The fight to free Mosul from Isis fighters is catastrophic. Hundreds of thousands of people, many innocent civilians, died in the conflict while there are 400,000 trapped in the city and 200,000 displaced from their homes.

And AirWars, a UK-based non-profit monitoring the effect of anti-Isis air strikes on civilians, estimated that 370 Iraqi civilians died in U.S.-led bombings during the first week of March. This carnage must stop.

Refugees and those still caught in Mosul also face growing food and water shortages. The residents also cannot leave their residences for fear of being caught in cross-fire between the fighting armies.

Iraq is not the only country suffering from a civil war. Across its border, Syrian and Russian troops engage in battle with radical factions that takes it toll on the civilian population.

Bombings from the United States involvement in the Syrian Civil War also cause civilian deaths. Our forces killed over 80 Syrian civilians during bombings at the cities of Raqqa and Aleppo.

The bombings at Raqqa targeted ISIS positions while the one in Aleppo targeted an al-Qaeda meeting. While the fate of those targeted is not known, the number of civilian casualties is.

Civilian casualties are an unfortunate part of warfare, but reckless bombing runs that target civilian areas are not. Donald Trump’s orders and military involvement caused way too many civilian deaths.

Included with those deaths was the bombing of a mosque that resulted in 57 innocent people dying. And Trump’s recent decision to sell sophisticated arms to Saudi Arabia will result in blood on American hands when the Saudis use them in their conflict with Yemen.

Donald Trump has no business being a commander-in-chief. Along with the bombings above, he also ordered a failed military strike in Yemen that resulted in the death of an American hero. For the sake of our troops and the world, Congress must impeach Trump for his lack of qualifications to lead the military, the nation, and the world.

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Source: www.learnprogress.org

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