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BREAKING: Assad Just Responded to Trump’s Attack By Doing Something Horrifying

Donald Trump has only made matters worse with his recent airstrikes in Syria because Assad has just retaliated by firing off a new chemical attack against the Syrian people. Trump’s escalating the Syrian conflict to horrifying heights and we all need to pay attention accordingly.

Despite campaigning on an anti-interventionist platform, and despite absolutely blasting Obama over using force in Syria, Trump just had to go ahead and attack Assad’s military. Just try to wrap your head around that: we’re now bombing Assad and his enemies in ISIS.

So Trump unleashed $70 million in cruise missiles against a Syrian airbase to punish Assad for a gas attack he committed against his people on April 4th. This punishment was ineffective, however. An undaunted Assad just committed another chemical attack against the Syrian people.

Breaking reports indicate that Assad just dropped chlorine bombs in the al-Qaboun area of Damascus. This is the same exact area that Assad devastatingly gassed in 2013 … yet Trump was ADAMANT then that Obama not retaliate.

“President Obama, do not attack Syria,” Trump hypocritically tweeted in 2013. “There is no upside and tremendous downside. Save your ‘powder’ for another (and more important) day!”

We are now seeing the “tremendous downside” of escalating the Syrian conflict. There’s literally no point for Trump to bomb Syria if they are going to continue gassing their people anyways.

Trump clearly has no end game in the Middle East in sight, which is dangerous considering that his recent strikes have stirred up a geopolitical hornet’s nest in Syria. That’s because Trump’s “slap on the wrist” didn’t deter Assad, it seriously emboldened him.

If only Trump would take his own advice from 2013, right? Numerous major political experts, like 4-star General Barry McCaffrey, have already BLASTED Trump’s pointless symbolic attack against Assad.

“Military power invites unknown consequences when you carry it out,” General McCaffrey said. “The question might be, why don’t we consider significant humanitarian assistance to Syrian refugees in border regions of Turkey and Jordan and Iraq in lieu of ineffectual military strikes?”

McCaffrey’s absolutely right. There are other ways to challenge Assad for his evil, but getting America involved in another costly, long-term war in the Middle East is NOT the way forward.

Any military strike needs to take place within a larger strategy. If we’re attacking Assad over chemical weapons, and he’s still going to use them anyway, there’s absolutely no reason to be bombing Syria in the first place.

At the end of the day, Trump looks really weak here. In committing yet another chemical attack, Assad is showing the world that no world leader should respect Trump.

The level of political chaos that Trump has participated in these past few weeks has been unprecedented, and it’s high time for a drastic change to occur. Impeachment or resignation are the ONLY two ways forward for Trump.

What comes next, we don’t know. But the fate of world peace hangs in the balance, so it’s now or never for Progressives to stand up en masse against the nightmarish military recklessness of Trump.

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Source: learnprogress.org

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