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BOMBSHELL: Trump Caught on Tape Admitting Russian Scandal. IMPEACH.

Donald Trump lied about having “no ties” to Russia, and new video proves that he has plenty of friends in the Russian mob. Trump has been praising these despicable gangsters since at least 2005.

We now have it straight from the horse’s dirty mouth. Donald Trump praised Russian businessman Tofik Arifov in front of a group of corrupt Russians back in 2005.

Throughout his Presidency so far, Trump has repeatedly denied any ties with Russian business, government, or organized crime. However, it’s been incredibly clear to the people of the Resistance that his entire administration is corrupt.

A new video was unearthed in court documents that show just how deep Trump’s Russian loyalty lies. The would-be president called in to a Russian celebration just to give a special toast.

The gathering of businessmen was held to celebrate the opening of a new luxury hotel in Turkey. Tofik Arifov and at least two other influential Russian businessmen were in attendance.

Although Trump could not attend in person, he made sure to call in via video chat. What he said proves that his loyalties lie with Russia, not the American people.

First, he instructed the group to raise their glasses. Then, Trump said, “Tofik is my friend! Let’s toast Tofik!”

Trump being Trump, it’s not a particularly eloquent toast. However, the point is clear: Trump considers corrupt people like Arifov to be friends.

This is proof that Trump has been lying about his connections with Russia the whole time. The only reason for him to lie is that he wants to cover something up. We’ve got him under our thumbs, folks.

An old saying comes to mind. “Show me your friends, and I’ll tell you who you are.”

With that in mind, let’s check out Trump’s friends who attended this party.

The three Russians in attendance were Arifov, Alexander Mashkevich, and Tamir Sapir. The latter two ““have been linked to allegations of illegal activities – according to court documents, diplomatic cables, and news accounts. Mashkevich has been linked to allegations of money laundering,” according to McClathy, which broke the story.

All three of these businessmen were partners in Trump SoHo. In fact, Arifov’s group held its headquarters in Trump Tower.

Soon after joining forces, the project was surrounded with lawsuits and fraud. Of course, this is Trump, so things get even more corrupt from here.

Arifov was also found to be guilty of running a prostitution ring in Turkey.

These are the kinds of people who Trump calls “friends,” because this is the kind of man Trump is. Only a sorry excuse for a man would call Arifov a friend.

Do not let this go unseen. The American people need to know what kind of company the President keeps.

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Source: learnprogress.org

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