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BOMBSHELL: Donald Trump Received Massive Bribe From Putin Himself. IMPEACH.

Newly discovered meetings must lead Congress to impeach and imprison Trump and many administration officials. Donald Trump, Jeff Sessions, and Jared Kushner secretly met with Russian officials and negotiated an oil deal that would make Trump billions of dollars.
In a series of tweets, columnist and reporter Seth Abramson implicated Trump and members of his inner circle with an oil deal with Russia. The events are horrifying and show that trump and his administration are corrupt.

The series of events reported by Abramson prove that Trump met with Russian officials for his own profit. The series of events begins after Trump clinched the nomination and was set to give his first foreign policy speech
The location of the speech was the National Press Club, and Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, arranged it. The Center for National Interest, a conservative think tank with Russian ties, hosted the event.

At the last minute, though, Trump’s campaign manager, Paul Manafort, canceled the event, stating that the National Press Club was too small and unsafe. Manafort moved the speech to the Mayflower Hotel.

Manafort chose the Mayfair Hotel because it has 581 private rooms for private meeting and is restricted for VIPs only. And did the VIPs use the private rooms!

There were twenty-four individuals at the event, including Trump, Jeff Sessions, Manafort, Kushner, Trump’s future campaign manager Lewandowski, and Bud McFarlane. We should note that McFarlane is a chief advocate for Russian oil interests.

Also present were ambassadors from Russia, Italy, Singapore, and the Philippines. Each one of these countries had interests in Russian oil.

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In December of 2016, the biggest oil deal in Russian history occurred. The deal involved the four countries whose ambassadors attended Trump’s meeting—Russia, Italy, Singapore, and the Phillippines.

The four countries negotiated the sale of 19.5 percent of Russia’s state oil company, Rosneft. And all four were there for their own interests.

Manafort and others wined and dined the twenty-four attendees at the meeting. And, later, the attendees met with Trump.

This is where treason comes in. With Kushner, Manafort, Jeff Sessions, and others present, the Russians worked out a deal. In exchange for lifting oil sanctions on Russia, Trump would receive 0.5 percent of the Russian oil magnate, Rosneft, worth hundreds of billions of dollars.

The deal closed on December 5-7, 2016. During that time, McFarlane and Russian Ambassador Kislyak visited Trump Towers.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Trump met with the four ambassadors at the Mayflower Hotel and chatted with them before his first foreign policy speech.

During his speech, called for Russian détente, saying that “we desire to live peacefully and in friendship with Russia. We are not bound to be adversaries.” He also called for the easing of tensions and the improvement of relations between the two nations.

By the way, Richard Burt, a Putin lobbyist, crafted Trump’s speech. And Jeff Sessions was there—the Mayflower meeting with the Russian ambassador was one that Sessions did not disclose to Congress.

Of course, the White House has no recollection of this meeting. And Ambassador Kislyak also denied the meeting, stating that he met with the Republican National Committee.

Wow, these revelations implicate Trump, Sessions, and Kushner’s involvement with Russian officials. And they explain Trump’s interest in Russia and his desires to ease relations and, ultimately, lift the sanctions on Russia. He would make billions at the expense of the American people.

These meetings are treasonous, and, if verified, should lead to Trump’s impeachment and imprisonment, along with Kushner, Sessions, and any others who knew of the meeting but remained silent.

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Source: learnprogress.org

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