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14-Year-Old Boy Releases Brilliant Poem to Defy Donald Trump. His Parents Are Proud.

Donald Trump’s campaign and presidency are so unpopular that even children oppose him. A 14-year old wrote a poem on Trump’s racism and called for his impeachment — and now it’s going viral.

Trump even offended the youngest of Americans with his election. Owen Pallenberg, who is 14 years old, wrote the following poem about Russia’s involvement in the election, Trump’s racism, misogyny, and his eventual impeachment. Here is the poem:

A man and a woman were running a race.

The man dressed in red with a very orange face,

And the woman dressed in blue with a pantsuit and a briefcase.

The race was much longer than a dash, mile or marathon,

And to many Americans it felt like it went on and on.

This was a race of old and new ideas and one thought,

And so the race started with the sound of a gunshot.

The woman dressed in blue was off to a great start,

She was gaining support and was eager to do her part.

However the man in the red was racist and sexist I’m sure you would agree,

He even said he wanted to grab a woman by her…

As the competitors turned the corner you got a glimpse of the fans,

And you could hear in the distance a chant about a man with small hands.

He claimed his hands and feet were quite big,

All while having a bright orange spray tan and a big yellow wig.

About halfway through the race the man was falling behind,

And the supporters of the woman were happy to have saved mankind.

As the competitors were nearing the finish line,

The people in blue were already celebrating and drinking their wine.

The woman approached the finish with a big, wide grin,

But then something happened that seemed to be the work of Vladimir Putin.

The woman fell down and lost her lead,

The win began to feel a lot less guaranteed.

The man hurdled over her body and crossed the finish,

And we all knew our Nation’s reputation would certainly diminish.

The man had somehow done it, he actually won,

The supporters in blue sat in shock and ceased all of their fun.

The man was apparently going to Make America Great Again with his campaign,

And the woman was depressed and had to put away her celebratory champagne

The results of this race tore apart our land,

As millions of Muslims were immediately banned.

This man can do absolutely no good,

Except run his mouth and claim he was just misunderstood.

The man has stated “we need global warming” for all to hear,

Which has made me quite certain that the end is near.

He has called women ugly and fat,

Which has left me wondering how he could have won the race and done all that.

After insulting and making fun of men and women nationwide,

I’ve become mortified, horrified, and have lost my American pride.

Everytime he talks or makes a speech,

All I can say is impeach, impeach, impeach.

his is from the hands of a patriotic young American who cares for his country. He is more aware of the threats from Trump than many adults.

You can be sure that Trump will explode once he reads it. Hopefully, he will not take to Twitter to criticize a young man who tells the truth about him, Hillary Clinton, the campaign, and the election of a racist.

If you agree with Owen that Congress must impeach Trump for his hate-filled actions against this country, please share this article on Facebook.

Source: learnprogress.org

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